About us


We have put a lot of effort to build a user-friendly and fast website. This has not always gone without a hitch, but today alhamdoulillaah we may be cautiously satisfied with the results achieved so far. There is always room for improvement and we will continue to pay the necessary attention to the further development of the website in order to serve our brothers and sisters even better.

QuranOnline.net has in the first place been created to offer the Muslim community and others the opportunity to read, listen and learn the Holy Quran. To achieve this first goal, we have also invested a lot of time and energy into:

  • optimizing the desktop and mobile version of the website to improve the speed and user-friendliness
  • adding practical features to make reading, listening and learning the Quran more accessible
  • bringing the website to the attention in order to reach the target group

As you have probably noticed, we also offer our visitors the opportunity to view prayer times. Our aim is to provide everyone with local prayer times and by local we mean really local!

In the first instance, the location was automatically detected based on the user’s IP address. However, this was not always accurate. At the request of our visitors, we have now implemented some improvements. Now it is possible to determine the location very accurately through the added GPS functionality. However, you must enable the “location service” on your device and then allow QuranOnline.net to use your location!

Alhamdoulillaah now more and more visitors find us and may Allah reward them richly for reading the Quran and performing their prayers on time. These positive developments in combination with the great feedback we receive from our visitors does motivate us to further develop the website insha Allah. If you have any good ideas and would like to share them with us, don’t hesitate to contact us.


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