Maher Ibn Hamad Ibn Muaiql Al Muaiqly Al Balwi, is a Saudi Imam and Qur’an reciter. He was born on Shawwal 18, 1388 Hijri in Medina.

Maher Al Muaiqly grew up in Medina. He earned a professional degree in mathematics and joined the educational stuff of Balat Al Shuhada’s School and later became the students adviser in Abdul-Majid School of Mecca.

In 1425, Sheikh Maher got a master in Shari`ah from Om Al-Qura University. Lecturer in the Shari`ah and Islamic Sciences Faculty, Maher was leading prayers in Abdul-Rahman As-s`adi Mosque, Mecca. From 1416H to 1427, Maher was imam at the Prophet’s mosque and the Grand Mosque.

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  1. assalamualaikum
    i was learning about biographies and came onto this website and mashallah we have dear brothers who put this on and to be honest im only 14 and when i listened to this took me straight to allah so jazakallah for putting this on my heart and i will insha allah do dua for our dear prophet muhammad ummah to rise once again and come to the siratul mustaqim and this disease go away so we can praise allah s.w.t and go back to his house

  2. Alhamdulillah .So nice . I feel happy when I listen his telwat . Yea Allah reward him the finest way and reward him jannatul ferdaus after his death.

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