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When a child reaches the age of 7; it’s time for parents to seriously consider the prayers that are made obligatory in Islam upon them.  There are many reasons for a child to be made habitual of offering prayers at an early age and should be taught the importance of prayers even before the age of seven. The biggest of all is that if a person is involved in offering prayers at a young age, they are more likely to stick to it. Besides, salah is the most important obligation to be observed by all Muslims. Hence we should teach our children to adhere to it to not let them be misguided at later stages in their life.

Here are some of the ways by which you can make your child, at an early age, love praying and stick to this habit:

First, Be Regular in Your Own Prayers

If you are not offering obligatory prayers yourself then it’s very hard for your child to do something that they don’t observe from their parents. It’s in the child’s psyche to copy the acts of their parents. When they see you performing Salah, they are more inclined to acquire this habit.

Narrate Islamic Tales Demonstrating the Importance and Rewards of Salah

PrayersA child at this tender age is attached to his mother the most. They love listening to stories from them and imagining the pictures of what the mother is talking about to them. You can make use of this. Talk about Islamic incidents of our Prophet’s (SAW) when he gave the message of Namaz to his companions. Tell your child that Allah is closest to a person when he is offering Salah. Try also to make dua in front of them loudly so that they get to know that there’s a way to communicate with their creator.

Give Them a Reward for Offering Prayers

Encourage your child to offer the Salah by treating them with their favorite chocolates or anything else which pleases them. It’s very important to develop this habit in them and rewarding them is one of the best ways.

Make Dua for Your Child

Surah Al-KahfDua is the strongest tool to drive your child towards Salah. Allah says in the Quran that He chooses who he wants to give Hidayah to. Hence, a dua is a way to seek Allah’s Hidayah for your child which can make him walk on the right track throughout his life. Whether it’s salah or any other matter, make dua for your child’s defense from the influence of Satan.

These tips can surely work for you the best. Besides you are the one living with your child and you understand most their nature. The best ways that can serve to be the driving force to make your child habitual of offering Salah. Do your best, make dua for your child, be regular in your prayers and leave the rest to Allah. He is the merciful and listener of all prayers.




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