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What are Prayer Times?

Salah and prayer times have to do with each other. After the testimony of Faith, Salah (prayer) is the second major pillar of Islam. So Salah is an obligation for every Muslim to perform it on time. Muslims from all across the globe offer Salah five times a day i.e. Fajr; Dhuhr; Asr; Maghrib and Isha.

Surah An-NisaLike Ramadan, Hajj and Friday prayer, Salah is also one of the rituals that must be performed within the correct time frame. For example, if a prayer is performed before the prescribed time, the Salah will not be accepted. One must repeat this prayer when the time comes. At the same time, people are disobedient when a prayer is made too late. Allah has ordered us in Surah 4 ayah 103 to perform the prayers within the right time! In order to get a prayer accepted, it is therefore essential to perform it on time!


How are Prayer Times calculated?

All Islamic schools agree that prayer times should be determined by the position of the sun. Our natural light source is unfortunately not always and everywhere clearly visible. Moreover, the position of the sun relative to the earth changes during the different seasons. To make it somehow calculable, various scholars and institutions have been busy developing a formula for calculating prayer times for cities like Marietta.

Different methods are used to calculate the prayer times. These methods often indicate the same times for salah Dhuhr, salah Asr and salah Maghrib. The differences are mainly in the times shown for salah Fajr and salah Isha.

The Muslim World League (MWL) method uses the below principles for calculating the prayer times:

  • salah Fajr should be done when the sun is at 18 degrees to the horizon
  • salah Isha should be performed when the sun has dropped 17 degrees below the horizon.

We are using the MWL method for the calculation of prayer times for most countries except USA, Canada and the Middle East.


The Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) prayer times method uses the following principles:

  • salah Fajr should be done when the sun is at 18 degrees to the horizon
  • salah Isha should be performed when the sun has dropped 17 degrees below the horizon

We are using the ISNA method for the prayer times of USA and Canada.


What Prayer Times should I use?

CPrayer Times Mariettaan I use the Prayer Times shown here for Marietta? Above we explained which method we are using to calculate the prayer times for  Marietta. However, it is possible that your local mosque uses different principles. If this is the case, we recommend you to follow the prayer times of your local mosque. At the same time, we would greatly appreciate it if you would inform us about the differences so we can adjust the prayer times of Marietta.



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