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Check today’s Prayer Times for New York City to perform the Fajr, Dhuhr, Asr, Maghrib and Isha salah on time. Turn on the GPS to get accurate salah times of your location. Print a beautiful monthly payer times table for the Ramadan month!


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  1. Islamic Inheritance Assistant App for Students and Teachers & Common Muslims
    Some time ago, I have given the idea of an app for calculation of shares according to Islamic inheritance, when I searched the internet, I found that existing softwares / apps have following deficiencies:
    1. They either have only few heirs for calculation of share.
    2. Or they ask about all heirs in one long list despite the fact that only a few of them are eligible for inheritance.
    3. Or these apps are incapable of doing complex calculation like Radd / Awal etc.
    So I decided to make an app overcoming these deficiencies, it was a complex & lengthy work but by the grace of Allah, I succeeded.
    My app ask about eligible heirs in steps, usually you got results after first page, but if required, the app keep asking about other eligible heirs in steps.
    This app calculates according to both Sunni & Shia Fiqqa and at this time can work in two languages, English & Urdu.
    It calculates accurately in complex scenarios and has been tested against many test cases.
    I hope that this app will be helpful for both Students and Teachers equally as well as common Muslims.

    App link is given below:
    Jazak Allah
    Abdullah Mijazi

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