Tawbah Salah

In Salah, entire Muslim Ummah (community) stands in front of Allah Almighty. They do this to communicate with Him directly and to bow in front of Him alone. There are following major kinds of Salah:

1 – Farz (Compulsory): Salah that is binding on every Muslim (except some genuine reasons like during menstruation for women). Typically Farz prayers were offered in congregation (gathering) like five daily prayers, Friday or Eid prayer etc.

2 – Sunnah: Salah that i not must, however it is Sunnah to perform them. These optional prayers could be offered alone instead of congregation.

  1. Nawafal: These are not obligatory yet were promised source to increase one’s balance of goodness and piety. These were offered in seclusion and not in congregation.

Why Tawbah Salah and is there any alternative?

In day to day life, we might indulge into a sin accidentally or may even do it intentionally but later realize our guilt. Almighty Allah – The Most Merciful and Generous has commanded His believers to ask for His forgiveness and surely He shall response to it. We may ask for forgiveness in various ways like:

  • simply by making a Dua in heart anywhere and anytime.
  • Offering a Tawbah Salah and at the end of Salah we may apologize to Allah Almighty with a promise not to repeat the mistake ever.
  • Paying a donation or other good deed to recompense for wrong doing and promising to Allah Almighty, will not repeat the mistake ever.

How Tawbah Salah was performed?

After incurring the sin you may perform the Tawbah Salah in the same manner as you perform other prayers. Let us know it step by step:

The first Step is Niyat (Intention): Your Guilt make you fear of hell fire then accept your conviction before Allah Almighty and make firm intention of not repeating the sin.

The second step is Wudu (Ablution): Method of Wudu is same as commanded by Allah Almighty and explained in detail by our beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) by practicing the Wudu himself called Sifat Wudoo’ an-Nabee (Prophets Wudu)

Step 3: Rakaat Of Nafl: 2 rakaat was offered in the light of method guided in authentic Ahadith.

Step 4: Dua (Invocation): After performing Tawbah Salah raise your hands to supplicate for pardon from the Ultimate Creator of all mankind. You may even make other wishes like asking for Allah Almighty’s guidance in the future or anything else you wish.

Tawbah SalahStep 5: Tasbih (Repeating the Quran verses): We may recite any verse but specifically for forgiveness could be “Astaghfirullahal Aziim, Lailaaha Illa Huwal Hayyul Qayyumu Wa Atubu Ilaih”

There is no particular time when you need to offer Tawbah Salah neither you need to offer it in congregation. Hence, you may pray alone where no one else is around except you and Allah Almighty – The Omnipresent. It is not compulsory to offer Tawbah Salah every time you make a sin, but it is a Sunnah.

Is Tawbah Salah alone sufficient?

Definitely Tawbah Salah alone is not sufficient but various other activities shall be done along with Repentance Prayer such as:

  • Whole heartedly plea to seek Allah Almighty’s Mercy for your sin and shall never repeat it. If in case you offer Tawbah Salah and then again and again resume committing the sin then forgiveness cannot be guaranteed this way.
  • Rectify your mistakes if possible. Suppose you steal something then return it back to its owner and then do make Tawbah not to do it again.
  • Charity and other good deeds could be done to compensate for sins and become a righteous person.

Let’s make it a habit to offer this precious Repentance Prayer more often. This way, not only we will start hating and staying away from sins. But will also get a golden ticket to remain in the shade of Allah Almighty’s special Mercy and Forgiveness. In Sha Allah!

And only Allah Almighty Knows Best!




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