What is salah?

“Certainly will the believers have succeeded: They who are during their prayer humbly submissive” (Al-Muminun 23:1-2)

What is SalahAfter the testimony of Faith, Salah (prayer) is the second major pillar of Islam. Muslims from all across the globe offer Salah five times a day i.e. Fajr, Dhuhr; Asr; Maghrib and Isha, whereby they worship Allah Alone without ascribing any partners to Him; to seek His help and guidance in the life of this world; to gain His pleasure and to attain Ultimate success in the Hereafter.

Before every Salah, there is an invitation or call to prayer made through Adhan. Salah indeed is the best source of gaining spiritual glory along with the purification of heart and soul. In the Holy Quran, Muslims are ordered to offer Salah several times and there are severe warnings for those believers who are negligent of their prayers.

The Holy Quran

Where we find the order pertaining to Salat or prayer in the Holy Quran, the blessed life of Holy Prophet guides us the way to perform it. Unfortunately, we Muslims do offer Salat but not with due concentration and that is why many of us, feel as if our Salah is not up to the required mark. Let’s identify a few ways which will definitely help us not only in maintaining required concentration in Salah but will also be a source of strengthening our relationship with our Ultimate and Only Creator and Sustainer, Allah Almighty.

Maintaining concentration during Salah

  1. Before Salah, try  to please Allah Almighty, by thinking of His uncountable blessings and favors, especially by making us a follower of Islam
  2. Get properly prepared to perform Salah; you are going in front of Lord of all Worlds at His invitation “Adhan”.
  3. Pray at a tranquil place so that there are no noises or distractions around to hinder your connection with Allah Almighty.
  4. When you begin Salat, try to ponder on the meaning of the glorious verses of the Holy Quran.
  5. Perform your Salah in a way laudable, don’t be hasty as you are performing a usual duty but be tranquil and offer this duty as you have been honored with a marvelous opportunity of getting close to Allah Almighty.
  6. Keep it firm in your mind that Allah Almighty is listening to you; watching you while you are praying, you are talking to the Supreme Creator of the Universe.
  7. Thinking of death and life after death will definitely be helpful, since He is here counting each and every of your act and will be there too to reward you for your deeds.
  8. Try not to yawn in Salah as well avoid thinking of worldly thoughts or your worldly tasks due after Salah etc.

By following these few things, you can develop concentration in Salat, which is the key to Paradise. Our beloved Holy Prophet (PBUH) said. May Allah Almighty help us to be true followers of Islam. Amen

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